The osteosarcoma is a primary bone cancer most frequently affecting children and young adolescents. It is a complex disease with manifold numerical and structural genomic alterations affecting multiple genes to a varying extent. This genomic diversity hampers the identification of reliable biomarkers to guide therapy or predict prognosis at time of diagnosis. Consequently, patients diagnosed with osteosarcoma recieve a multiagent chemotherapy independent of its necessity.

Each day new studies about osteosarcoma are published and complicate the acquisition of information for specific research questions. To address this issue, we constructed the Osteosarcoma Database to provide a structured view on osteosarcoma knowledge by literature mining and manual annotation of PubMed abstracts (last update: October 29th, 2013). We hope that the Osteosarcoma Database will support scientists on their way to find robust and reliable biomarkers for osteosarcoma.

Currently, the Osteosarcoma Database contains 911 protein-coding genes and 81 microRNAs associated with osteosarcoma according to 1,331 abstracts.