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General Information

Gene ID 1236
Gene Symbol CCR7
Gene Name chemokine (C-C motif) receptor 7
Gene Type protein-coding
Cytoband 17q12-q21.2
Ensembl ID ENSG00000126353
#miR regulators 6
Omim ID 600242
Gene ontology GO:0001768: establishment of T cell polarity
GO:0001954: positive regulation of cell-matrix adhesion
GO:0002407: dendritic cell chemotaxis
GO:0002408: myeloid dendritic cell chemotaxis
GO:0002606: positive regulation of dendritic cell antigen processing and presentation
GO:0002885: positive regulation of hypersensitivity
GO:0002922: positive regulation of humoral immune response
GO:0006954: inflammatory response
GO:0006955: immune response
GO:0007186: G-protein coupled receptor signaling pathway
GO:0007204: elevation of cytosolic calcium ion concentration
GO:0050862: positive regulation of T cell receptor signaling pathway
GO:0030838: positive regulation of actin filament polymerization
GO:0031274: positive regulation of pseudopodium assembly
GO:0031529: ruffle organization
GO:0032496: response to lipopolysaccharide
GO:0032649: regulation of interferon-gamma production
GO:0032735: positive regulation of interleukin-12 production
GO:0032862: activation of Rho GTPase activity
GO:0034695: response to prostaglandin E stimulus
GO:0038115: chemokine (C-C motif) ligand 19 signaling pathway
GO:0038116: chemokine (C-C motif) ligand 21 signaling pathway
GO:0043123: positive regulation of I-kappaB kinase/NF-kappaB cascade
GO:0043552: positive regulation of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase activity
GO:0045060: negative thymic T cell selection
GO:0045785: positive regulation of cell adhesion
GO:0045860: positive regulation of protein kinase activity
GO:0046330: positive regulation of JNK cascade
GO:0050706: regulation of interleukin-1 beta secretion
GO:0051209: release of sequestered calcium ion into cytosol
GO:0051491: positive regulation of filopodium assembly
GO:0051897: positive regulation of protein kinase B signaling cascade
GO:0070374: positive regulation of ERK1 and ERK2 cascade
GO:0071731: response to nitric oxide
GO:0072610: interleukin-12 secretion
GO:0090023: positive regulation of neutrophil chemotaxis
GO:0097022: lymphocyte migration into lymph node
GO:0097029: mature dendritic cell differentiation
GO:2000107: negative regulation of leukocyte apoptotic process
GO:2000147: positive regulation of cell motility
GO:2000510: positive regulation of dendritic cell chemotaxis
GO:2000522: positive regulation of immunological synapse formation
GO:2000525: positive regulation of T cell costimulation
GO:2000526: positive regulation of glycoprotein biosynthetic process involved in immunological synapse formation
GO:2000547: regulation of dendritic cell dendrite assembly
GO:0005886: plasma membrane
GO:0005622: intracellular
GO:0016021: integral to membrane
GO:0009897: external side of plasma membrane
GO:0004930: G-protein coupled receptor activity
GO:0016493: C-C chemokine receptor activity
GO:0035757: chemokine (C-C motif) ligand 19 binding
GO:0035758: chemokine (C-C motif) ligand 21 binding
GO:0038117: C-C motif chemokine 19 receptor activity
GO:0038121: C-C motif chemokine 21 receptor activity
KEGG pathways 4060: Cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction
4062: Chemokine signaling pathway

PubMed abstracts associated with CCR7

PMID Title Tumor Value
15814634 Messenger RNA expression levels of CXCR4 correlate with metastatic behavior and outcome in patients with osteosarcoma. yes yes
18215331 A complex pattern of chemokine receptor expression is seen in osteosarcoma. yes yes
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