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General Information

Gene ID 5138
Gene Symbol PDE2A
Gene Name phosphodiesterase 2A, cGMP-stimulated
Gene Type protein-coding
Cytoband 11q13.4
Ensembl ID ENSG00000186642
#miR regulators 4
Omim ID 602658
Gene ontology GO:0000122: negative regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter
GO:0008152: metabolic process
GO:0007596: blood coagulation
GO:0006198: cAMP catabolic process
GO:0006626: protein targeting to mitochondrion
GO:0019933: cAMP-mediated signaling
GO:0019934: cGMP-mediated signaling
GO:0071260: cellular response to mechanical stimulus
GO:0030224: monocyte differentiation
GO:0030818: negative regulation of cAMP biosynthetic process
GO:0033159: negative regulation of protein import into nucleus, translocation
GO:0035690: cellular response to drug
GO:0036006: cellular response to macrophage colony-stimulating factor stimulus
GO:0043116: negative regulation of vascular permeability
GO:0043117: positive regulation of vascular permeability
GO:0046069: cGMP catabolic process
GO:0050729: positive regulation of inflammatory response
GO:0061028: establishment of endothelial barrier
GO:0070588: calcium ion transmembrane transport
GO:0071321: cellular response to cGMP
GO:0071560: cellular response to transforming growth factor beta stimulus
GO:0097011: cellular response to granulocyte macrophage colony-stimulating factor stimulus
GO:0005886: plasma membrane
GO:0005829: cytosol
GO:0005783: endoplasmic reticulum
GO:0005634: nucleus
GO:0005737: cytoplasm
GO:0005759: mitochondrial matrix
GO:0005794: Golgi apparatus
GO:0030424: axon
GO:0030425: dendrite
GO:0042734: presynaptic membrane
GO:0048471: perinuclear region of cytoplasm
GO:0005515: protein binding
GO:0004112: cyclic-nucleotide phosphodiesterase activity
GO:0004118: cGMP-stimulated cyclic-nucleotide phosphodiesterase activity
GO:0005262: calcium channel activity
GO:0046872: metal ion binding
GO:0008144: drug binding
GO:0030552: cAMP binding
GO:0030553: cGMP binding
GO:0030911: TPR domain binding
GO:0042803: protein homodimerization activity
KEGG pathways 230: Purine metabolism

PubMed abstracts associated with PDE2A

PMID Title Tumor Value
15627479 Dexamethasone down-regulates cAMP-phosphodiesterase in human osteosarcoma cells. no no
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