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General Information

Gene ID 595
Gene Symbol CCND1
Gene Name cyclin D1
Gene Type protein-coding
Cytoband 11q13
Ensembl ID ENSG00000110092
#miR regulators 6
Omim ID 114500 168461 193300
Gene ontology GO:0000082: G1/S transition of mitotic cell cycle
GO:0000278: mitotic cell cycle
GO:0000320: re-entry into mitotic cell cycle
GO:0001889: liver development
GO:0001934: positive regulation of protein phosphorylation
GO:0006974: response to DNA damage stimulus
GO:0007595: lactation
GO:0042493: response to drug
GO:0010039: response to iron ion
GO:0010165: response to X-ray
GO:0010243: response to organonitrogen compound
GO:0030178: negative regulation of Wnt receptor signaling pathway
GO:0030857: negative regulation of epithelial cell differentiation
GO:0030968: endoplasmic reticulum unfolded protein response
GO:0031100: organ regeneration
GO:0031571: mitotic G1 DNA damage checkpoint
GO:0032026: response to magnesium ion
GO:0033197: response to vitamin E
GO:0033327: Leydig cell differentiation
GO:0033598: mammary gland epithelial cell proliferation
GO:0033601: positive regulation of mammary gland epithelial cell proliferation
GO:0043627: response to estrogen stimulus
GO:0045444: fat cell differentiation
GO:0045471: response to ethanol
GO:0045737: positive regulation of cyclin-dependent protein kinase activity
GO:0051301: cell division
GO:0051412: response to corticosterone stimulus
GO:0051592: response to calcium ion
GO:0060070: canonical Wnt receptor signaling pathway
GO:0060749: mammary gland alveolus development
GO:0070141: response to UV-A
GO:0005622: intracellular
GO:0000307: cyclin-dependent protein kinase holoenzyme complex
GO:0016020: membrane
GO:0005829: cytosol
GO:0005634: nucleus
GO:0005654: nucleoplasm
GO:0005923: tight junction
GO:0005515: protein binding
GO:0004672: protein kinase activity
GO:0016538: cyclin-dependent protein serine/threonine kinase regulator activity
GO:0019899: enzyme binding
GO:0019901: protein kinase binding
GO:0032403: protein complex binding
KEGG pathways 4110: Cell cycle
4115: p53 signaling pathway
4310: Wnt signaling pathway
4510: Focal adhesion
4630: Jak-STAT signaling pathway
5200: Pathways in cancer
5210: Colorectal cancer
5212: Pancreatic cancer
5213: Endometrial cancer
5214: Glioma
5215: Prostate cancer
5216: Thyroid cancer
5218: Melanoma
5219: Bladder cancer
5220: Chronic myeloid leukemia
5221: Acute myeloid leukemia
5222: Small cell lung cancer
5223: Non-small cell lung cancer
5416: Viral myocarditis

PubMed abstracts associated with CCND1

PMID Title Tumor Value
7585620 Retroviral vector-mediated gene transfer of antisense cyclin G1 (CYCG1) inhibits proliferation of human osteogenic sarcoma cells. no no
7640224 Homozygous deletion frequency and expression levels of the CDKN2 gene in human sarcomas--relationship to amplification and mRNA levels of CDK4 and CCND1. yes no
8052269 Insulin-like growth factor-I induces cyclin-D1 expression in MG63 human osteosarcoma cells in vitro. no no
8226793 FKBP-rapamycin inhibits a cyclin-dependent kinase activity and a cyclin D1-Cdk association in early G1 of an osteosarcoma cell line. no no
9355974 Altered G1 phase regulation in osteosarcoma. yes yes
9538120 Prognostic significance of cyclin expression in human osteosarcoma. yes yes
10339667 Expression of G1 phase regulators in MG-63 osteosarcoma cell line. no no
10502725 Alteration of pRb/p16/cdk4 regulation in human osteosarcoma. yes yes
11241246 Primary pulmonary osteosarcoma: case report and molecular analysis. yes no
11241308 Loss of p16(INK4a) expression correlates with decreased survival in pediatric osteosarcomas. yes yes
11707342 Identification of twenty-two candidate markers for human osteogenic sarcoma. no no
12368234 Gamma-tocopherol inhibits human cancer cell cycle progression and cell proliferation by down-regulation of cyclins. no no
15167009 Deregulation of the G1 to S-phase cell cycle checkpoint is involved in the pathogenesis of human osteosarcoma. yes yes
15670817 Differentiative pathway activated by 3-aminobenzamide, an inhibitor of PARP, in human osteosarcoma MG-63 cells. no no
16328036 Effect of Vinorelbine on cell growth and apoptosis induction in human osteosarcoma in vitro. no no
16596382 Monoallelic deletion of the p53 gene through chromosomal translocation in a small cell osteosarcoma. yes no
17569615 IFI16 inhibits tumorigenicity and cell proliferation of bone and cartilage tumor cells. no no
17998668 Prognostic and predictive value of c-erbB2 overexpression in osteogenic sarcoma. no no
18019405 Altered expression of cell cycle regulatory proteins in benign and malignant bone and soft tissue neoplasms. yes no
19148492 Targeted therapy of human osteosarcoma with 17AAG or rapamycin: characterization of induced apoptosis and inhibition of mTOR and Akt/MAPK/Wnt pathways. no no
19455146 Inhibition of Notch pathway prevents osteosarcoma growth by cell cycle regulation. no no
19730790 Antitumor activity of natural compounds, curcumin and PKF118-310, as Wnt/β-catenin antagonists against human osteosarcoma cells. no no
19818735 Enhanced chemosensitivity of drug-resistant osteosarcoma cells by lentivirus-mediated Bcl-2 silencing. no no
20044614 Curcumin induces cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in human osteosarcoma (HOS) cells. no no
20067614 Smoothened as a new therapeutic target for human osteosarcoma. yes no
20357441 Molecular mechanism of cell apoptosis by paclitaxel and pirarubicin in a human osteosarcoma cell line. no no
20512478 Induction of G(1)/S phase arrest and apoptosis by quercetin in human osteosarcoma cells. no no
20926002 Celecoxib inhibits β-catenin-dependent survival of the human osteosarcoma MG-63 cell line. no no
21234653 Anti-tumor effects of dihydroartemisinin on human osteosarcoma. no no
21246613 Inhibition of mTOR signaling by oleanolic acid contributes to its anti-tumor activity in osteosarcoma cells. no no
21331449 Gambogic acid inhibits the growth of osteosarcoma cells in vitro by inducing apoptosis and cell cycle arrest. no no
21506130 Role of GLI2 in the growth of human osteosarcoma. yes yes
21993662 Plumbagin induces apoptosis via the p53 pathway and generation of reactive oxygen species in human osteosarcoma cells. no no
22212432 Inhibition of the STAT3 signaling pathway is involved in the antitumor activity of cepharanthine in SaOS2 cells. no no
22743617 STAT3 activation by IL-6 from mesenchymal stem cells promotes the proliferation and metastasis of osteosarcoma. no no
22886393 TRAF6 regulates proliferation, apoptosis, and invasion of osteosarcoma cell. yes no
22922827 miR-15a and miR-16-1 downregulate CCND1 and induce apoptosis and cell cycle arrest in osteosarcoma. no no
22926753 SC-1, a sorafenib derivative, shows anti-tumor effects in osteogenic sarcoma cells. no no
23108792 SASH1 regulates proliferation, apoptosis, and invasion of osteosarcoma cell. no no
23451817 Metformin synergistically enhances antitumor activity of histone deacetylase inhibitor trichostatin a against osteosarcoma cell line. no no
23462806 Y-box binding protein-1 regulates cell proliferation and is associated with clinical outcomes of osteosarcoma. no no
23568006 Enhanced chemosensitivity by simultaneously inhibiting cell cycle progression and promoting apoptosis of drug-resistant osteosarcoma MG63/DXR cells by targeting Cyclin D1 and Bcl-2. no no
23266503 Effects of baicalein on apoptosis, cell cycle arrest, migration and invasion of osteosarcoma cells. no no
23470834 Melatonin inhibits the proliferation of human osteosarcoma cell line MG-63. no no
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