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General Information

Gene ID 6387
Gene Symbol CXCL12
Gene Name chemokine (C-X-C motif) ligand 12
Gene Type protein-coding
Cytoband 10q11.1
Ensembl ID ENSG00000107562
#miR regulators 19
Omim ID 600835 609423
Gene ontology GO:0001569: patterning of blood vessels
GO:0001667: ameboidal cell migration
GO:0009615: response to virus
GO:0007155: cell adhesion
GO:0007165: signal transduction
GO:0006874: cellular calcium ion homeostasis
GO:0006935: chemotaxis
GO:0006955: immune response
GO:0007186: G-protein coupled receptor signaling pathway
GO:0007281: germ cell development
GO:0007420: brain development
GO:0008015: blood circulation
GO:0008045: motor neuron axon guidance
GO:0008064: regulation of actin polymerization or depolymerization
GO:0008354: germ cell migration
GO:0042098: T cell proliferation
GO:0050930: induction of positive chemotaxis
GO:0070098: chemokine-mediated signaling pathway
GO:0090026: positive regulation of monocyte chemotaxis
GO:1902230: negative regulation of intrinsic apoptotic signaling pathway in response to DNA damage
GO:2000107: negative regulation of leukocyte apoptotic process
GO:0005576: extracellular region
GO:0005615: extracellular space
GO:0009897: external side of plasma membrane
GO:0005102: receptor binding
GO:0008009: chemokine activity
GO:0008083: growth factor activity
GO:0045236: CXCR chemokine receptor binding
KEGG pathways 4060: Cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction
4062: Chemokine signaling pathway
4360: Axon guidance
4670: Leukocyte transendothelial migration
4672: Intestinal immune network for IgA production
5323: Rheumatoid arthritis

PubMed abstracts associated with CXCL12

PMID Title Tumor Value
15701832 Involvement of chemokine receptor 4/stromal cell-derived factor 1 system during osteosarcoma tumor progression. no no
15746965 Chemokine receptor CXCR4-beta1 integrin axis mediates tumorigenesis of osteosarcoma HOS cells. no no
19496172 Stromal cell-derived factor-1/CXCR4 enhanced motility of human osteosarcoma cells involves MEK1/2, ERK and NF-kappaB-dependent pathways. no no
22173290 Strong expression of CXCL12 is associated with a favorable outcome in osteosarcoma. yes yes
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