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General Information

Gene ID 842
Gene Symbol CASP9
Gene Name caspase 9, apoptosis-related cysteine peptidase
Gene Type protein-coding
Cytoband 1p36.21
Ensembl ID ENSG00000132906
#miR regulators 3
Omim ID 602234
Gene ontology GO:0006915: apoptotic process
GO:0006508: proteolysis
GO:0006974: response to DNA damage stimulus
GO:0007173: epidermal growth factor receptor signaling pathway
GO:0008543: fibroblast growth factor receptor signaling pathway
GO:0008630: intrinsic apoptotic signaling pathway in response to DNA damage
GO:0008635: activation of cysteine-type endopeptidase activity involved in apoptotic process by cytochrome c
GO:0042981: regulation of apoptotic process
GO:0048015: phosphatidylinositol-mediated signaling
GO:0034644: cellular response to UV
GO:0038095: Fc-epsilon receptor signaling pathway
GO:0042770: signal transduction in response to DNA damage
GO:0043065: positive regulation of apoptotic process
GO:0043525: positive regulation of neuron apoptotic process
GO:0045087: innate immune response
GO:0048011: neurotrophin TRK receptor signaling pathway
GO:0071549: cellular response to dexamethasone stimulus
GO:0097193: intrinsic apoptotic signaling pathway
GO:2001020: regulation of response to DNA damage stimulus
GO:0005829: cytosol
GO:0005634: nucleus
GO:0043293: apoptosome
GO:0005515: protein binding
GO:0004197: cysteine-type endopeptidase activity
GO:0008233: peptidase activity
GO:0008047: enzyme activator activity
GO:0017124: SH3 domain binding
GO:0019901: protein kinase binding
KEGG pathways 4115: p53 signaling pathway
4210: Apoptosis
4370: VEGF signaling pathway
5010: Alzheimer's disease
5012: Parkinson's disease
5014: Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
5016: Huntington's disease
5145: Toxoplasmosis
5200: Pathways in cancer
5210: Colorectal cancer
5212: Pancreatic cancer
5213: Endometrial cancer
5215: Prostate cancer
5222: Small cell lung cancer
5223: Non-small cell lung cancer
5416: Viral myocarditis

PubMed abstracts associated with CASP9

PMID Title Tumor Value
16571651 Sulforaphane enhances TRAIL-induced apoptosis through the induction of DR5 expression in human osteosarcoma cells. no no
17218775 Oridonin induced apoptosis through Akt and MAPKs signaling pathways in human osteosarcoma cells. no no
17218778 Lack of p53 augments thymoquinone-induced apoptosis and caspase activation in human osteosarcoma cells. no no
17234448 Modulation of apoptotic signalling by 9-hydroxystearic acid in osteosarcoma cells. no no
17471233 Sensitization of osteosarcoma cells to apoptosis by oncostatin M depends on STAT5 and p53. no no
17520676 Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor, flavopiridol, induces apoptosis and inhibits tumor growth in drug-resistant osteosarcoma and Ewing's family tumor cells. no no
20678472 Sanguinarine induces apoptosis of human osteosarcoma cells through the extrinsic and intrinsic pathways. no no
20808934 Overexpression of inosine 5'-monophosphate dehydrogenase type II mediates chemoresistance to human osteosarcoma cells. no no
21163271 Solamargine induces apoptosis associated with p53 transcription-dependent and transcription-independent pathways in human osteosarcoma U2OS cells. no no
21234653 Anti-tumor effects of dihydroartemisinin on human osteosarcoma. no no
21490307 The cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor SCH 727965 (dinacliclib) induces the apoptosis of osteosarcoma cells. no no
21573491 Wogonin triggers apoptosis in human osteosarcoma U-2 OS cells through the endoplasmic reticulum stress, mitochondrial dysfunction and caspase-3-dependent signaling pathways. no no
21717192 Matrine induces caspase-dependent apoptosis in human osteosarcoma cells in vitro and in vivo through the upregulation of Bax and Fas/FasL and downregulation of Bcl-2. no no
21805050 Quercetin-mediated apoptosis via activation of the mitochondrial-dependent pathway in MG-63 osteosarcoma cells. no no
21993662 Plumbagin induces apoptosis via the p53 pathway and generation of reactive oxygen species in human osteosarcoma cells. no no
22012179 Simvastatin protects human osteosarcoma cells from oxidative stress-induced apoptosis through mitochondrial-mediated signaling. no no
22057483 RIP3 expression induces a death profile change in U2OS osteosarcoma cells after 5-ALA-PDT. no no
22126901 Tanshinone IIA induces apoptosis and inhibits the proliferation, migration, and invasion of the osteosarcoma MG-63 cell line in vitro. no no
22231496 Daphnoretin induces cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in human osteosarcoma (HOS) cells. no no
22246399 Millimeter wave treatment induces apoptosis via activation of the mitochondrial-dependent pathway in human osteosarcoma cells. no no
22546756 Cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors induce anoikis in osteosarcoma via PI3K/Akt pathway. no no
22994717 LY294002 induces G0/G1 cell cycle arrest and apoptosis of cancer stem-like cells from human osteosarcoma via down-regulation of PI3K activity. no no
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