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General Information

Gene ID 857
Gene Symbol CAV1
Gene Name caveolin 1, caveolae protein, 22kDa
Gene Type protein-coding
Cytoband 7q31.1
Ensembl ID ENSG00000105974
#miR regulators 8
Omim ID 601047 612526 615343
Gene ontology GO:0000122: negative regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter
GO:0000165: MAPK cascade
GO:0000188: inactivation of MAPK activity
GO:0001525: angiogenesis
GO:0001570: vasculogenesis
GO:0001666: response to hypoxia
GO:0001937: negative regulation of endothelial cell proliferation
GO:0001960: negative regulation of cytokine-mediated signaling pathway
GO:0002931: response to ischemia
GO:0003057: regulation of the force of heart contraction by chemical signal
GO:0007596: blood coagulation
GO:0008104: protein localization
GO:0006641: triglyceride metabolic process
GO:0006816: calcium ion transport
GO:0006874: cellular calcium ion homeostasis
GO:0006940: regulation of smooth muscle contraction
GO:0007519: skeletal muscle tissue development
GO:0007595: lactation
GO:0009267: cellular response to starvation
GO:0010524: positive regulation of calcium ion transport into cytosol
GO:0016050: vesicle organization
GO:0019048: modulation by virus of host morphology or physiology
GO:0019217: regulation of fatty acid metabolic process
GO:0019915: lipid storage
GO:0030193: regulation of blood coagulation
GO:0030301: cholesterol transport
GO:0030514: negative regulation of BMP signaling pathway
GO:0030857: negative regulation of epithelial cell differentiation
GO:0030879: mammary gland development
GO:0031295: T cell costimulation
GO:0031397: negative regulation of protein ubiquitination
GO:0032091: negative regulation of protein binding
GO:0032507: maintenance of protein location in cell
GO:0032570: response to progesterone stimulus
GO:0033137: negative regulation of peptidyl-serine phosphorylation
GO:0033138: positive regulation of peptidyl-serine phosphorylation
GO:0033484: nitric oxide homeostasis
GO:0042310: vasoconstriction
GO:0042524: negative regulation of tyrosine phosphorylation of Stat5 protein
GO:0042632: cholesterol homeostasis
GO:0051260: protein homooligomerization
GO:0043409: negative regulation of MAPK cascade
GO:0043627: response to estrogen stimulus
GO:0044281: small molecule metabolic process
GO:0045019: negative regulation of nitric oxide biosynthetic process
GO:0045907: positive regulation of vasoconstriction
GO:0046209: nitric oxide metabolic process
GO:0046426: negative regulation of JAK-STAT cascade
GO:0048554: positive regulation of metalloenzyme activity
GO:0050900: leukocyte migration
GO:0050999: regulation of nitric-oxide synthase activity
GO:0051001: negative regulation of nitric-oxide synthase activity
GO:0051480: cytosolic calcium ion homeostasis
GO:0051592: response to calcium ion
GO:0051899: membrane depolarization
GO:0052547: regulation of peptidase activity
GO:0055074: calcium ion homeostasis
GO:0060056: mammary gland involution
GO:0070836: caveola assembly
GO:0071455: cellular response to hyperoxia
GO:0072584: caveolin-mediated endocytosis
GO:0090090: negative regulation of canonical Wnt receptor signaling pathway
GO:0090263: positive regulation of canonical Wnt receptor signaling pathway
GO:0097190: apoptotic signaling pathway
GO:2000286: receptor internalization involved in canonical Wnt receptor signaling pathway
GO:2000811: negative regulation of anoikis
GO:2001238: positive regulation of extrinsic apoptotic signaling pathway
GO:2001244: positive regulation of intrinsic apoptotic signaling pathway
GO:0005886: plasma membrane
GO:0000139: Golgi membrane
GO:0005622: intracellular
GO:0002080: acrosomal membrane
GO:0005783: endoplasmic reticulum
GO:0005887: integral to plasma membrane
GO:0005768: endosome
GO:0005811: lipid particle
GO:0005901: caveola
GO:0005929: cilium
GO:0005938: cell cortex
GO:0016323: basolateral plasma membrane
GO:0016324: apical plasma membrane
GO:0030666: endocytic vesicle membrane
GO:0031410: cytoplasmic vesicle
GO:0043234: protein complex
GO:0045121: membrane raft
GO:0048471: perinuclear region of cytoplasm
GO:0005515: protein binding
GO:0005102: receptor binding
GO:0005113: patched binding
GO:0005198: structural molecule activity
GO:0015485: cholesterol binding
GO:0016504: peptidase activator activity
GO:0019899: enzyme binding
GO:0032947: protein complex scaffold
GO:0050998: nitric-oxide synthase binding
KEGG pathways 4144: Endocytosis
4510: Focal adhesion
5100: Bacterial invasion of epithelial cells
5416: Viral myocarditis

PubMed abstracts associated with CAV1

PMID Title Tumor Value
16421247 CD99 acts as an oncosuppressor in osteosarcoma. no no
17699771 Caveolin-1 reduces osteosarcoma metastases by inhibiting c-Src activity and met signaling. no yes
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