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General Information

Gene ID 9817
Gene Symbol KEAP1
Gene Name kelch-like ECH-associated protein 1
Gene Type protein-coding
Cytoband 19p13.2
Ensembl ID ENSG00000079999
#miR regulators 1
Omim ID 606016
Gene ontology GO:0001701: in utero embryonic development
GO:0016567: protein ubiquitination
GO:0006351: transcription, DNA-dependent
GO:0006355: regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent
GO:0010499: proteasomal ubiquitin-independent protein catabolic process
GO:0045604: regulation of epidermal cell differentiation
GO:0071353: cellular response to interleukin-4
GO:0005783: endoplasmic reticulum
GO:0005634: nucleus
GO:0005737: cytoplasm
GO:0005813: centrosome
GO:0030496: midbody
GO:0031463: Cul3-RING ubiquitin ligase complex
GO:0005515: protein binding
KEGG pathways 4120: Ubiquitin mediated proteolysis

PubMed abstracts associated with KEAP1

PMID Title Tumor Value
23052169 Mutational and expressional analyses of NRF2 and KEAP1 in sarcomas. yes no
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