hsa-miR-126 target regulation

The graph below represents the target genes of hsa-miR-126 determined by TargetScan 6. The microRNA is represented in green color and its respective target genes in red. You can drag and drop the network's nodes to take a closer look. Below the graph you can find a table of context scores illustrating the strength of each microRNA target gene regulation.

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Detailed prediction results of
TargetScan 6 for hsa-miR-126

Gene ID Symbol Site type Context score
596 BCL2 7mer-1a -0.171
3480 IGF1R 7mer-1a -0.159
1508 CTSB 7mer-1a -0.221
6383 SDC2 7mer-1a -0.231
6657 SOX2 7mer-m8 -0.336
8140 SLC7A5 7mer-1a -0.262
8795 TNFRSF10B 8mer-1a -0.465
3667 IRS1 7mer-1a -0.286
10769 PLK2 7mer-1a -0.273
23428 SLC7A8 7mer-1a -0.144
Symbol Site type