MicroRNA regulators of target gene CXCR4

The graph below represents the microRNA regulators of CXCR4 determined by TargetScan 6. The gene is represented in red color and its respective microRNA regulators in green. You can drag and drop the network's nodes to take a closer look. Below the graph you can find a table of context scores illustrating the strength of each microRNA target gene regulation.

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Detailed prediction results of
TargetScan 6 for CXCR4

Accession Name Site type Context score
MIMAT0000441 hsa-miR-9 7mer-m8 -0.159
MIMAT0000462 hsa-miR-206 8mer-1a -0.256
MIMAT0000763 hsa-miR-338-3p 7mer-m8 -0.273
Name Site type